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About Atlantean Healing   About Liz Alpert

Many of us have a deep remembrance and connection to Atlantis. Atlantis Healing Sedona is here to share technologies and crystalline frequencies that are connected to this period of time which is actually not a past, present or future time but one that exists in a parallel reality or quantum time. We are all multi-dimensional and exist simultaneously on many levels and realities. As humans now on earth, it can be very helpful to realize and remember these many lifetimes and experiences to help us in our personal journeys here on the planet at this time.

atlantean orb

The Atlantean Crystal Sphere was discovered in 1969, by treasure hunter Ray Brown, inside a pyramid under the waters near the Bahamas. This rare artifact was first introduced to Liz in 2008. Soon, Liz realized her purpose was in bringing the frequencies of the Atlantean Orb out to the world. After meeting Arthur, the caretaker of the Orb, she soon began arranging events with the Atlantean Sphere so that Arthur could share this amazing gift to help increase the frequencies of the planet. Liz was asked by Arthur to create a line of jewelry that would carry the frequencies of the Atlantean Orb. Atlantean Orb Jewelry was created to fulfill this mission and can be found on Liz's jewelry website

Sedona and Atlantean Healing Sedona are now home to the Atlantean Orb. Arthur Fanning, the current caretaker of the Atlantean Crystal Sphere is available for sessions by appointment. Liz Alpert, after spending hours, days and weeks immersed in the energies of the Atlantean Orb, has now incorporated these frequencies within her and is able to access them when working with individuals.

liz alpert

In 1990, after a serious skiing accident, Liz began her spiritual journey. She recognized this as an opportunity to learn about healing in order to first heal herself and then share this knowledge with others.

For those looking for a holistic approach to overcome pain and suffering, Liz offers healing sessions and counseling. This includes emotional, physical, mental and spiritual challenges that may be interfering with the well being we all seek and deserve.

Liz Alpert is an accomplished healer with over 20 years of experience in several healing modalities including The Reconnection, Quantum Entrainment, Reiki, Pranic Healing and Naturopathic Medicine. An Ordained Minister, Liz is able to use her gifts in the healing arts as well as perform weddings.

Some of the quantum technologies Liz works with are the Trinfinity8 and the Bionic 880.

If you are in Sedona or planning a visit you can schedule a session with Liz. Hours are by appointment. Call 305-799-7617.




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