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"It took ONE session with Liz for my body to start healing noticeably!!

She is an incredible healer...truly one of a kind. Liz's eternal benignness pervades all densities in her healing work."

— Brittney, Sedona, AZ

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The distance Reconnective Healing I experienced with Liz was truly amazing and transformative. I was washed with warm healing energy and transported to a place of unconditional love, light and surrender. I feel a deep sense of connection to all Life, and worries and fears that I had before the session are gone, replaced with trust, faith and allowing.

I am so grateful and honored to be connected to Liz and her gift of healing that she offers the world."

— Jen Busher, New York

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As a massage therapist for the past 20 years, I have experienced various modalities of hands-on healing, body work and energy work and I've found that my work with Liz Alpert was above and beyond anything I had experienced in all those years.

After working with Liz for a short period, my medical doctor commented on big changes he observed in both my health and my demeanor.

— Minda Hart, CMT, Ann Arbor, MI


"I had a telephone healing with Liz and it was wonderful. I fell asleep during the process, only to awake with a complete jolt. After that, Liz and I talked about what I saw during the process, which was fascinating.

Anyway I felt very calm and peaceful after the process. I suffered from insomnia and weight loss for the last 9 months due to a relationship
breakup. I can now sleep, eat, and feel at peace with letting go of the past."

— Suzan, Maui, Hawaii

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Liz is an amazingly humble and effective facilitator and healer for those who seek the power of the Healer within.

During my own ongoing cancer treatment, experiencing the Reconnective Sessions with Liz was helpful and quite dramatic for me. Every single facet of my knowledge as a physician was brought to bear under the focus of my mind during the two sessions of The Reconnection with Liz. Liz helped me refocus on my own considerable inner strengths, abilities, and evolving consciousness.Thank you, Liz."

— Marshall Gilula, MD, Miami, FL


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